Hoverbike Update 02

Here’s a quick look at some new stuff I’ve added to my hoverbike game: What’s this about Tim Allen? I’ve been a bit short on time and motivation (mostly motivation) to work on any game development stuff, so to let off some steam I’ve added some Tim Allen grunts to my pawns when you inflict […]

Hoverbike Update 01

In this latest update, I’ve added quite a few things to my little hoverbike game: Movement Hoverbike movement control has been refined significantly: The hoverbike can no longer climb 90° walls, and forward velocity is added less and less as the nose is pointed higher and higher into the air The hoverbike will now point […]


Here’s a quick look at something I’ve been working on for a couple of days – a hoverbike! There were several key things I wanted to achieve with this vehicle: A fully-physics driven vehicle that: Bounces around the environment in a realistic and convincing way Is satisfying to control (not floaty / unresponsive) Can knock […]

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