Hoverbike Update 01

In this latest update, I’ve added quite a few things to my little hoverbike game:


Hoverbike movement control has been refined significantly:

  • The hoverbike can no longer climb 90° walls, and forward velocity is added less and less as the nose is pointed higher and higher into the air
  • The hoverbike will now point towards the ground when not grounded (makes it feel more weighty / sells the feeling of dropping like a rock)
  • The hoverbike is more stable, and will take jumps / falls much more easily as it will apply ’emergency’ force when bottoming out (when taking a large jump, extra upwards force is added to attempt to prevent the vehicle from hitting the ground)


  • Camera will now zoom out when the hoverbike is boosting forwards
  • The hoverbike emits a trail from either side of the fuselage when boosting

Hoverbike Update 01

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