Here’s a quick look at something I’ve been working on for a couple of days – a hoverbike!

There were several key things I wanted to achieve with this vehicle:

  • A fully-physics driven vehicle that:
    • Bounces around the environment in a realistic and convincing way
    • Is satisfying to control (not floaty / unresponsive)
    • Can knock environmental props around
    • Can deal physics damage to props and entities (i.e. like ‘splattering’ an enemy in Halo)
  • A modular vehicle system where player can enter/exit different vehicles
    • Currently one seat only (driver) but I will look at adding multiple seats
    • In addition, currently the player can ‘Interact’ with the vehicle from 360° in any direction (basically, as long as player has line-of-sight to the vehicle and is within interaction radius, they can get in – I will need to adjust this so that the player can only enter from sides of the vehicle or specific entry points manually placed around vehicle
  • Vehicle-mounted weapons
    • This is only a rough prototype of a vehicle-mounted weapon, as the laser does not follow the player’s input at all (apart from pressing the mouse to fire the laser); it’s simply a child GameObject of the hoverbike itself, and so follows the rotation of the hoverbike

Hoverbike Model

The 3D model for the hoverbike was created in Blender

It’s quite simple but once it has PBR materials applied, looks quite impressive.

I’d like to revisit the model and add further details/refine the shape and concept further later on down the line; however, for now it definitely works for the intended purpose.

I’d also like to create a simplified collision mesh in Blender and export to Unity rather than using a convex MeshCollider (which is created using the high-detail mesh).


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